“Red Sahara does beautiful renditions of songs you might know, but when they perform them you hear them again as if for the very first time.”

Kathy Lord, Co-Founder/Managing Director, Music That Heals 

“Sabrina's gorgeous voice combined with Vita's impressive guitar chops are supplemented by a real energy, enthusiasm and passion for what they do.”

Lily Borghi, Performance Program Manager, Arts Access

“Red Sahara is a phenomenally intricate band spanning all genres in a unique and 

interactive way.” 

Hap Pardo, Talent buyer, Club Groove NYC

Live The Mirage...

Experience the moments of music and magic that shape the sounds and styles of Red Sahara, the New York City multi-genre music collective everyone is watching perform originals and covers like no one else.

With the duo, trio and quartet, directed by vocalist/songwriter Sabrina Clery aka Sahara Red, and guitarist/composer Vita Tanga, the treatment is always unique, ardent and innovative...Live The Mirage.

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